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About Posting on Sustainability Jobs

Hiring new employees can be time consuming: putting out adverts, sorting through applications, and choosing the best candidates to interview.

Using our new search engine, you can quickly and easily upload a sustainability post and wait for the applications from high-quality professionals to start rolling in.

Post a job in sustainability and hopefully you will get response soon
Post a job in sustainability and hopefully you will get response soon

What is a job in sustainability?

A ‘sustainability job’ is any position that contributes to the maintenance of the natural world and ecological balance. There are hundreds of ways in which this can be done: through physical fieldwork to restore habitat or protect species, through data collection and analysis to assess trends, or through environmental policy and legislation at a higher level.

What kind of jobs can you post?

The candidates using our search tool come from all walks of life. Some are students looking for internships, some are recent graduates looking for their first job, and some are professionals with years of experience. You can post any sort of job, from entry-level to managerial work, from part-time to full-time, or from fixed-term or maternity cover to permanent positions. There will always be someone wanting to help!

How does posting an environmental job work?

If you think your company might share the values of people using our site, then fill in the form below.

Make sure you include all the information that an applicant would be looking for: job title, salary, location, and the hours. Give us a brief job description that lays out the main responsibilities of the position and gives candidates enough information to decide whether they would be interested.

Ensure that you provide full information on how to apply, with a link to your website and application process or an email address to send a cover letter and CV to. If you can, provide links to any social media, so that applicants can do some research and check that they are a good match for your company.

Top Tips for Companies

  • Make it sound enticing. People aren’t going to want to apply if you don’t make the role sound interesting! The technical details can come later: draw them in with exciting language.
  • Include your salary range. Candidates are much less likely to apply if you are not upfront with the salary, as it makes them assume the job has low pay.
  • Be realistic with duties. People aren’t machines – they can’t do everything and not get tired! Focus on the key responsibilities that you need from them, and if you think it might be too much for one person, think about creating two positions that can work together instead.
  • Sell your skills. Those that work in the environmental and sustainability sector are usually conscientious people, and they want to know that your organisation has the same values. They’re not going to want to work for a company that is only pretending to care about the planet!
  • Keep them updated. Include your time schedule for applications and interviews so that people are not endlessly waiting to hear from you. If they were unsuccessful, it’s nice to let them know so that they’re not holding out hope.

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